Friday, September 28, 2012


BIG stands for Bina Insan Guru
This time we do it in 
Bak kata Guru besar a.k.a 
BAPAK NAGIHA, one of my classmate
Ada 2 pokok manggis di dalam sekolah
dan 1 pokok manggis di luar sekolah
ok, no wonder the name of this school 
#SK Seri Manggis Parit Raja#

The OLD building
the NEW one tak kesempatan untuk diSnap

Before buat apa2 kerja
lepakING dulu dengar band kugiran nyanyi

Makan first to gain more energy

Its time to kemas2

 Okay, acting like rajin menyusun bendera
even though tak semua bendera tau which country
belong to which flag
Yang obvious tau is bendera Johor of course!
if tak tau jugak kena buang negeri nih
The tudung coklat  is nagiha.
Habis kerja finished already
masuk bilik mesyuarat
dapat sijil penghargaan lagi

ok senyum2
even tak buat pape pon dapat sijil
muahhahah ;D

Lets take picture with the Guru Besar
Ok, formal pose everyone !

Again formal pose
Nazmi (right) not do a formal pose again

less formal pose

 Say cheseeeeee ;)


 LOL ...

 Ok, look carefully at this picture 
and the picture below

 Do you see any difference? 
Zul (left) and farid (right) suddenly interpremmmm
terKEZZUUTTT .....!!!

Gabby wanted to show his kehebatannya
 Sin yi the chinese girl want to try it also

#so childish, acane lah nak jadi cikgu in the future... thank God nanti we are teaching in primary school 

LSUS Larkin

Got netball LSUS tournament at Larkin JB. It combined all the champions in each  daerah. Remember the last game at BP HERE....We got second place but we needed to go replace the UTHM team 
that cannot send the team to JB at that time. So here we are.....

JB here we are ^_^ 


Need to LISTEN for the open ceremony of the tournament
 Gather all the team members

LISTEN?? I Guess ,,,,,NOT !!! hahahaa
we prefer to take pictures
(al maklumlah got to see them at the day of the tournament only 
and terus je lawan bola jaring)

Big foot coming through......AHAHa
Ok..this time the bag which looked like shoes want to interpremmm

Nak sangat interpremmm, 
the pengadil kata : GK, Halangan dekat, diri sebelah!
ok, fine...hahaha

First game kalah, 
Tension semua tendang adippp... 
Penagan kasut baru...hahhaa
By the way this cute little boy is son of our manager ,
Kak Suzila (nama glamour Kak G)

Otey ,,. still blur2 in the second game (exspecially me)
so, lose again
what to do? uhuhu

 Just cheer up!!!
lets take picture again!!!

The third game ,,,hilang sikit blur2
then tunjuk sikit skill tuh
Yeahhh,,,this time menang!!! alhamdulillah
but nothing change because we already lose twice.

*FYI, the baju biru nih baju baru for this team...bau kedai gituh*
 It is okay, it is alright 
come on STAR TEAM
There is always a next time

#wish me luck on 30 september 2012 , sunday will be another game at Dataran BP
Hope we will do better this time ( ~_~)v