Monday, November 7, 2011


Salam 1 Malaysia =D
My dad asked my a few weeks ago
to come to
Tadika Perpaduan Semerah because there had
Sukaneka PLUS  Majlis Penganugerahan PLUS Hari Keluarga PLUS 
hundred PLUS ...???
Okay, itu not funny
ehhehehe =P

"blow the candle balloon until it explodes" 

Do you see the boy that seems so struggle to blow the balloon?
Okay, good..Then, look at the boy beside him, 
whom cover both of his ears???
That is funny!!! =P

Second, pertandingan "BIG PAPA"
the rule is to eat the chocolate bread & hundred plus provided 
and who is success to eat all the foods win.
Simple right?

Third, treasure hunt.
need to find helmet, pen, selipar jepun, & etc.
and many more games
(to many to write)

Time to perform a concert show!!!
Aimi and the gangs,,
 the boys stood behind because ....
they don't memorize the lyrics.
good plan!!! credit to their teachers...
 for figure out this brilliant idea!!! 
hehhehe ;)

3 songs:
1) katak si katak lompat
2) padi oh padiku
okay, the third songs.....
forgot already..hehhe ;p

FYI, my sister Aimi won anugerah 
"Gigi Sihat"
The jury was dentist from from Clinic Semerah
(As a sister, I also smile shows  gigi kambing   sampai ke telinga)
Deep inside my heart :
"like older sister, like younger sister laa"
just kidding =D

story about PERPADUAN 
of course we all will link it with 
Is it right? okay, if it NOT terlintas pon kat kepala otak korang
*who cares?* (with annoying face)
nak story jugak ! 
muahhahaha : D

Actually this picture dah berzaman lapuk di telan zaman
in my pictures's folder time Independent's Day
Then, I think this is the suitable time to let it out..

Other than that, I want to share something to korang about 
"1 Malaysia unique selendang"
terjumpa at 1 of the store at square one

Go Malaysia..
Cayalah..selendang pon 1 Malaysia tau..

Who dares to wear this in public???
confirm koranglah the MOST GORGEOUS woman..
(serious nih)
hhehehehe =D

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