Sunday, January 8, 2012


Before that Happy New Year !!!! XD ( even though it already tooooo late) because...

Now we all in jaNEWary and jaNEWary means?

 jaNEWary (^_^)v

So, what to do in jaNEWary? (nothing!) haha

1. Change my attitude. Means no playing around doing nothing 
~hope so~
(this year my age change from 1nine to 2zero)

2. Study a little bit harder and smarter than before of course
because my pointer in previous examination only got 3.15
(think +ve, at least I'm pass..alhamdullilllah)

3. Budget my allowance wisely.
Do not know about the new system where we get our allowance 
per one semester sekaligus (amek ko) or per month

4. Get fully ready for my BIG and PBS.
~BIG = Bina Insan Guru
( something like camping in February at Mersing maybe.)
~PBS= Pengalaman Berasaskan Sekolah, 
(do not decide yet maybe at my previous primary school)

5. Try not to fail for any examinations
(or else I will be kick out from this institute)
hope not!

The list should be many, but right now i can't really thing what should I put in. So, maybe from day to day, month to month I'll will add on. So, this will be working on my "azam yang dah lama tidak tercapai" in this jaNEWary . Daaa

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