Monday, May 7, 2012

Kreatifnya classmateku

Class CD a.k.a Child Development
Suddenly, our beloved teacher asked us to do 
an activity using this:

Ala, just like kita semua time zaman childhood dolu-dolu
mengimbau zaman kegemilangan 
siapa yang paling "kreatif" 

In 20 minutes plus minus
finish this, but only this group struggled memanjang
takpe2 take your time
hehehehe =) 

So, the final results?

This is mine
Okay,  agak blur + shine di situ

The "weirdo colour of the animals"
with the turtle same colour with the WHITE water
so, funny (nak cepat punya pasal)

 Nih, my classmate hasil karya
with BLACK water pulak

Sin Yi

Rusydah, my PKO 
Sedikit blur jg di situ

My roommate, Teah
So proud over excited actually with her own 
master piece... 


This is a lot funny compare to the others because
her "master piece" only
95% completed
See the background (yang kiri with white colour)
Saidah kata: sudah habis colour dan group dia sudah kemas bekas colournya
capslock pulaks
AHAHAHAHA *sambung ketawa sikit*

P/S: This activity can be use when we are teaching our students in the future. It can enhance the children development while creating their creativity skills.
Doakan aku menjadi guru cemerlang ;)

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