Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Girlsss outing...

Before examinations end also went out 
kununnya nak release tension 
kunun laaa..hahaha

Inside Jonny restaurant, BP

Like always take2 pictures dulu
tuh wajib ok

who do you suppose to be Siti (second from right) ...
muahahha ;P

 ok,,chefssss sekalian
what do we have here for dinner?
only vegetable?

 Oh,,now i get it..
the menu is steamboat
nice n nyummy

ok,,the other foods were not sempat tuh snap

enough about that
then, after the examination ends...
we went to square one BP

The race between siti and nadia
the winner is me...
of course not
siti the great driver (*_*)

 Makan di McD
like always...
pictures time !!!

Nadia aidan with straw janggut 

Rusydah in pertandingan
minum sampai habis...
amek kau...ahhaha

Now my time
Feel chok cross (Running man fan)

orang nampak tuh
we are in public...
you better watch out ;)

No need to laugh2 sangatla 
saidah or said (nickname)

Now, window shopping
 Same colour with your cloth ...
pink colour uuuu...

 Dulu dan kini saiz seluar

 Pilih2 je..

 Ni bukan window shopping lagi
Sit shopping nih,,hahah
tak ramai customers lah katakan
only us

 Finally, siti shopping betul2 brought 2 clothes
Look like mak rindu anak pon ada minah sorang nih

 apa lagi budak nih
pity the horse

tuti futi?
dirty fruity?
tuti titi tata?

 Tutti fruity laa

<love you guys
oppss.. i mean girlssss
see you all next semester (^_^)vv

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