Wednesday, July 6, 2011


One day, VIVIAN asked me on how to celebrate MARCE her roommate’s birthday? and I said, beli jela kek..=)
But the problems were, MARCE didn’t like :
       Cake  MARCE was on diet
         Soft toys
        Cute things
But she also like clothes, shoes, and the most important, she love whatever things in PURPLE COLOUR.
Finally, we decided to buy cactus for her because she love cactus so much!!! But, is it necessary to find cactus in purple colour? need laa.. green just nice, right? =)

 cactus in purple green

sweet 21 birthday with lady bird on top of it ^_^

 M A S AIR LINE..eheheheh

 guest what, sebenarnya kek nih kek ape??? hahh!!tak tau kan? Actually, nie kek lapis,,oleh kerana dia tak suka creamy cake, kek lapis jela even dia selalu makan kek nih kat Sabah.

Then, Marce ada post kat FB dia,she said about "don't like surprises" something like that laa..So, this planned became KEJUTAN not SURPRISE!! bernas tak idea nih?? ehhhehe

p/s: Tetiba je tergerak nak tulis entry nih in English..saya budak baru belajar kalau salah tolong jolokkan.. (ea, macamtuh ka pantunnya?) abaikan saja =)

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