Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cinderella VERSUS Snow White

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essay nih mengandung.......i 
penggunaan SYNONYMS

SYNONYMS = Have same or nearly same meaning as another word

For example :
 pretty = beautiful
depressed = sad

Cinderella and Snow White are both a popular character in Disney. Children admired these two characters a lot. Some even wish to have the luck that they have. Cinderella is a pretty girl who lives with her father, her stepmother and her two step sister. Her step mother and her two step sisters are very violent towards her and they also jealous with Cinderella as many people like her. Cinderella is a very hard working person. She is the one who always do the house chore. She washes the entire dish, clean the house and many other things.  One day there was a party organized by the prince. He invited every people in the country. Cinderella felt so excited. However, her step sisters and her step mother had planned to make her busy on that day so she will have no time to come. They were worried if the prince fall in love with Cinderella. Cinderella felt so depressed as she was unable to go to the party. However something had happened as all the animal like rats and birds helped her to complete all the worked so that she was able to joined the party. A fairy god mother also came and helped her with a nice gown. She looked very gorgeous that night. As she arrived at the party, the prince falls in love with her. At the end, Cinderella lived happily with the prince.
Besides Cinderella, another popular Disney character is Snow White. Snow White is really popular with her seven little dwarfs. Snow white is a beautiful person and her skin was as white as the snow. That’s how she got her name. Her mother died at an early age, leaving her sad and lonely. Her father, the king, soon married again. The new queen really concerned on her beautifulness. She had a magic mirror which can tell her who is the prettiest girl in the world. One day the mirror said that the prettiest girl is Snow White, and it made her angry. She felt so envy with Snow White and she had planned to kill Snow White. One day, the queen pretending to be liked an old woman who sold apple. Then she came to Snow white house. At that time Snow White was really busy tiding up the house. She is a diligent person. When the cruel queen arrived at her house, she gave Snow White an apple which she had dye with poison. At last Snow White ate the apple and she fainted. Luckily she still alive as there was seven little dwarfs that helped and cure her. She then lives happily with the seven little dwarfs.

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